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Excellent work, fast response

11 July 2018

I was having multiple problems with Apple ID, and problems with assignment of IP addresses on mulitple devices. Also bug prone Apple Mail that I finally abandoned. Their technician Yulini did great work and finished within the original estimated time. Well worth the expense.

Written by Daveyboy From Long Island New York

Highly responsive and technically superior

11 July 2018

I acquired my first computer in 1995. Since that time I have worked with a wide variety of computer experts knowledgeable with Apple products. Most were very good. One or two were mediocre. The services of Theorem X Solutions were the very best I have I have experienced in more than 20 years.

Written by Amil Gargano Studio, Inc. From New York City

Excellent service and friendly consultants

07 July 2018

I have had Sam over three times, twice with Yulini, once with Binal, and we were able to resolve problems every time. They are friendly, responsive, and fun to be around. They were able to set up my wireless network and connectivity easily, resolving network issues, migrating data between Macs, and restoring older Macs. I look forward to working with them on future projects.

Written by Stavros From Whitestone NY US

Best decision I ever made regarding all IT matters in my company.

19 October 2017

TheoremX was involved in reviewing our computer and communications needs, assisting in equipment selection process, installation of all equipment, and training. These guys are truly on top of their game. I would recommend them without hesitation. Staff is always easy to reach and responds quickly any time we have quesions. They seamlesssly integrated our new equipment.

Written by SteveM From Great Neck, NY

Sam is awesome

18 July 2017

Sam is simply awesome. He and his team are always available to set up, troubleshoot and give proactive guidance. He knows his stuff and doesn’t quit until a subject is understood and closed successfully. Highly recommended!!

Written by Ben Jammin’

Server setup

19 July 2017

We needed to have a server install to run an OSX base 4D database application. We hired Theorem X Solutions for the Installation, network configuration, backup, etc. Everything from start to finish was performed above expectation. I have worked with these guys a few times and they always impress me with the quality of service they provide.

Written by lucianno From New York

This consulting company is the best!!

09 August 2017

Our computer system at the office was outdated and extremely slow. Theorem X Solutions came in and upgraded our entire system with top notch equipment and the latest versions of programs we use. They are responsive, knowledgeable, dependable and available around the clock. I trust them wholehearted and would not think of using any other consulting company. I highly recommend Theorem X Solutions!

Written by Lebow From New York City

Sam did an outstanding job & is my new IT person!!!!!

03 August 2017

I came to use Theorem X Solutions after having upgraded a program on my computer and encountering a major technical issue. I worked with someone else for multiple hours to no avail and much aggravation. I called Theorem X and spoke to Sam who assured me that he could fix my problem which he did. Sam also upgraded a number of other programs making my computer far more efficient and protected. I highly recommend Sam & his team. I now have an IT person for all of my continuing & future needs. Sam saved the day!!!!

Written by Julie From Manhasset NY


25 July 2017

Sam has been my computer consultant for many years. He cares about making sure my computers are in perfect shape all the time. He reminds me to do an upgrade; he’s responsive when I have a problem usually within an hour of reaching out to him.; he can access my computers remotely to address a problem which he addresses in a well thought out manner always mindful of what the best solution will be based on the state of the art and the cost. He can resolve any computer problem. I doubt there is anyone more capable and knowledgeable than Sam when it comes to computers. He is a delightful and quality human being.


This consultant has maintained both home and, in the past, our office computers up and running for many years. I have been very satisfied with his services.

19 July 2017

This consultant has been my IT advisor for over 10 years, and I have relied on him to keep my system up to date and working efficiently. Our relationship began when I lived in New York; I have since moved to Virginia, and he has been able to remain my consultant by remote access. When I needed new equipment, I took all of his recommendations and have been very satisfied. I have full faith in his knowledge and integrity. He has always been available in emergency situations and been able to get me up and running quickly. In my opinion, he is an expert’s expert.

Written by AppleUser From Virginia, US

They are the best!

18 July 2017

They do most of their technical assistance for us remotely. Unbelievably easy! They answer my cries for help day and night and usually within minutes. I have no idea how they do what they do, but my problems are always resolved. It would be a bargain at twice the price. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Written by Regina From New York, USA

The Best In The Business

10 July 2017

The Theoremx team of consultants are truly the best! Sam and his staff have been managing our computers, network and general technology needs for the past few years. They are responsive and experts in services offered. I highly recommend Theoremx for small business and personal IT needs.

Written by hunterdigital From NYC and LI